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How to book your training

When you have chosen your training from below and the date you would like to conduct the training, please complete the booking form opposite.

All training cost must be paid on receipt of a confirmation email.

To book training at your care home, your home, domiciliary care or hospital, contact Katrina on the telephone numbers below to arrange an appointment and quotation.

Training is held at Unit 15, The Beacon.

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Dates for 2019 to be added soon.


Dementia is a complex illness. It is important that we gain knowledge and insight into how we can support those in our care and promote their independence for as long as possible.


It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that those within their care are safe and free from harm.  Safeguarding is paramount within the care sector, no matter what your role.


Nutrition is an important part of life. It is a physical, social, emotional and psychological experience. But what if you have a chronic illness or disability that inhibits this enjoyment?

NHS Continuing Health Care

NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC) what is it? This study day will explain the myth that is CHC. We will look at the assessment process, decision support tool meeting explained, the difference between Funded Nursing Care & CHC and when do I know if my loved one is eligible?

Oral Care

Research has shown that nurses and care staff place a low priority within the area of oral care.  The fact is that oral care is one of the most important parts of day to day care.  If not carried out correctly can cause harm.  


All payments can be made by cheque or Bank Transfer.

For more info contact Katrina:

Mobile: 07807 770201

Office: 01554 755977

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